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We have a wide collection of different bondage sex toys that are extremely popular at the moment.

Our more popular range is our Bondage Restraints collection, this is followed by Paddles & Whips and finally our Rampant Rabbit Vibrators.
We currently have thousands or different toys available on the site to pick from.

  • Rouge Garments Purple Suede Flogger

  • Doxy Wand Massager White

  • Doxy Die Cast Wand Massager UK Plug

  • Ultimate Triple Stimulator Vibrating Cock Ring With Dong

  • Doxy Wand Massager Black

  • Bathmate HydroMax Extreme X30 Penis Pump

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Bondage Bunnies is the largest dedicated store to sex toys and bondage gear for women in the UK. We’re dedicated to making sure that we find the right item for you. From beginner to intermediate, we have a wide variety of equipment and toys to choose from. Whether it’s sex toys, restraints, blindfolds, whips or lubricants, Bondage Bunnies has it all. Please browse our site and pick one of the wands, bondage whips, vibrators, rampant rabbits, clamps, gag, handcuffs, rope, tape or sexy lingerie that’s right for you.

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