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Latex Clothing is a staple of BDSM fashion. Its sleek appearance and shiny exterior create the clean and cool look that we tend to think of in BDSM clothing. The Latex Mini Dress and Gauntlets are two example of how style and mood are created through latex fashions.

Latex Clothing is often about function as well as style. The Latex Suspender Body Suit and Access Vest are beautiful examples, providing the Dominant partner access to key parts of their submissives body. In Power Exchange dynamics, Latex Clothing functions both for style and to augment the power one partner give to the other to have control of and easy access to the body. Likewise, the restrictive nature of some latex clothing, like the sleek dresses, can function as a way to demonstrate a Dominant partners control over their own body and as a tool for denial of the submissive partner.

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