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Now, there’s no sex without the essentials, right? Here at Bondage Bunnies, we always advocate safe and comfortable sex for both partners. No partner should endure more pleasure and comfort than the other. We have an extensive range of Durex condoms and we also have lubricant to make your experience extra sensual and pleasurable. So take a look at our essentials so you can have the most comfortable sexual experience possible. We have personal hygiene products and some edible treats available too.

  • 250ml Lubido Paraben Free Water Based Lubricant

  • After Sex Towel Wipe Away Your Sins

  • Astroglide Spark Hybrid Lubricant

  • Bathmate Clean Toy Cleaner

  • Bathmate Max Out Jelqing Enhancement Serum

  • Beat It Out Shower Masturbation Gel

  • Blow Job Fruit Flavored Pecker Gum

  • Body Action Anal Bleach Gel

  • Dick Lips Edible Gummy Cock Rings

  • Durex Intense Ribbed And Dotted Condoms 12 Pack

  • Durex Intense Ribbed And Dotted Condoms 6 Pack

  • Durex Naturals Intimate Gel

  • Durex Thin Feel 20 Pack Condoms

  • Fifi WaterBased Lubricant

  • Fist It Extra Thick 1000mls Lubricant

  • Fist It Silicone 500ml Lubricant

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