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Flavoured, Coloured, Novelty

If you’re tired of using plain and boring condoms, why not take your pick of some our flavoured ones? From chocolate flavours to strawberry, indulge yourself in our delightful collection. Most importantly, our condoms are of the highest quality, so there’s no need to worry about breakages. You can relax, have fun, and know your fully protected against any STIs or unwanted pregnancies.

  • PlayBoy Strawberry Condoms 12 Pack

  • PlayBoy Strawberry Condoms 3 Pack

  • Skins Flavoured Condoms 4 Pack

  • Skins Bubblegum Flavoured Condoms 12 Pack

  • Skins Flavoured Condoms 12 Pack

  • Lollipop Licks Edible Condoms 4 Pack

  • Skins Condoms Black Choc 4 Pack

  • Skins Condoms Black Choc 12 Pack

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