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Female Pumps

Female Pumps serve to enhance specific parts of a womans anatomy äóñ specifically her breasts and genitals. The most common types are Clitoral Pumps, Nipple Pumps, and Breast Pump Systems. Nipple and Clitoral Pumps use suction to increase blood flow to sensitive areas of the body äóñ namely the nipples and clitoris. This increased blood flow increases sensitivity and thus sexual arousal and pleasure. They are good tools to use prior to sexual activity to increase pleasure and in a BDSM scene can be used in Orgasm Control to help increase sensitivity during play.

The Breast Pump can help augment breast size and sensitivity slightly. Like the nipple pump, the Breast Pump increases blood flow to the breast and helps to increase fullness and sensitivity. Actual increase in size is slight and temporary, but under a medical doctors instruction, a breast pump can be used along with breast enhancement surgery. The breast pump can also be used as part of medical play or as part of breast bondage in other BDSM activities.

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