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Love Ring Vibrators

A Love Ring Vibrator or Vibrating Cock Ring is a popular couples sex toy that serves multiple functions. The cock ring helps him to maintain an erection, with different brands offering different levels of erection control. For example, the Cocktie Cock Ring is adjustable so that it can be as tight or loose as he needs it to be. Some Love Rings are single use, such as the Screaming O. Others, like the Remote Control Vibrating Cock Ring have replaceable batteries so they can be used again and again.

Love Rings provide clitoral stimulation to women during sexual intercourse, which increases pleasure and intimacy. For women who have difficulty reaching orgasm during intercourse, these are ideal. While men will feel the vibration of the cock ring, some, like the Vibrex Duet, are designed specifically to provide both partners with additional stimulation.

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