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Mini Vibrators

Big things come in small packages! Our collection of mini vibrators prove this over and over and over again! Interestingly the fist vibrator was invented in 1880, this was a plug in vibrator. This was a decade before the iron and vacuum cleaner would be created. Vibrators were an immediate hit and were commonly prescribed by Doctors around the US. By the early 20th century women were buying the products without perceptions. To hide their real purpose, advertisers would often calling them “personal massagers”. By the 1920’s they began to appear in pornographic films that were appearing around the US. This would lead to them becoming no longer social acceptable and they would not return until the late 1970’s with the return of the back massager, arguably the most famous toy on the planet, the Hitachi Wand Vibrator. Cheap vibrators would be fully available in the early 90’s.

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