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Double Dildos

Double Dildos come in different varieties, depending on the purpose of the sex toy. The most common is the two-ended dildo, such as a Double Header. Usually lesbian sex toys, these types of Double Dildos allow both partners vaginal penetration. Their flexibility allows for multiple positions as well, so that partners can choose a positon that allows for easy clitoral stimulation or closer intimacy.

In the same family of sex toys are the dual-dildos, such as the Strap on Harness. This type of dual-dildo can function as a lesbian couple or heterosexual couples sex toy. The harness features a dildo for vaginal stimulation of the user and a dildo to use on her partner. For heterosexual couples, the harness is a wonderful addition to BDSM scenes where she is the Top/Dominant partner. Pegging, where the woman uses a vibrator to penetrate the man, is a common activity in relationships with male submissives.

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