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Standard Vibrators

Don’t let the title fool you, there is nothing standard about our collection of vibrators here at Bondage Bunnies! Alternatively if you want a toy to target a more specific area check out clitoral vibrators. Interesting fact about the origins of hysteria. Until the 20th century it was widely believed women did not derive sexual pleasure or desire (this is honestly true, Google it). These bizarre widespread beliefs left many women sexually frustrated; leading to anxiety, sleeplessness, irritability, nervousness, erotic fantasies and wetness between the legs. These syndromes became known as “hysteria”, from the greek word uterus…. You couldn’t make this stuff up!

  • Silver Ladyfinger Mini Vibrator

  • LadyFinger Vibrator Gold

  • Multi Speed Vibrator Gold

  • Multi Speed Vibrator Silver and Black

  • Vibrator Total Silver

  • Discretion Mini Vibe

  • Total Gold Vibrator

  • Silencer Vibrator

  • Twinz Vibrator Sleeve Kit

  • Soft Wave Red Vibrator

  • 7 Function Classic Chic Vibrator

  • Basic Essentials Softee Purple Vibrator

  • Power Bullet Platinum Silver 5.5 Inches

  • Climax Pink Skin Vibrator

  • Seduce Vibrator Pink

  • Inked Vibe Superslim Black Vibrator

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