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  • Torture Garden - Bondage Bunnies

    Top Tips For Visiting Torture Garden Events

    You’ve been dreaming about going to the Torture Garden. There’s just one thing holding you back. You have no idea how to dress or act while there. Well, that’s where we come in handy. We’ll tell you exactly what to wear and what not to. We’ll also try to throw in some helpful tips along …

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  • Tips to stop vaginal dryness - Bondage Bunnies

    Tips to Stop Vaginal Dryness

    You’ve got a desert going on in between your legs. Sex isn’t fun for you or your partner. It’s dry as fuck down there. Solving this problem is a must. No one likes to have sex with a dry worn out leather glove. The good news is that you can fix this problem. You can …

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  • How to reinforce your D's - Bondage Bunnies

    Tips To Reinforce Your D’s Dynamic Using Sex Toys

    You’ve been enjoying the dominate and submissive roles lately. It may be something that’s totally new to you. Though, some of you may have been doing it for quite some time. Regardless of how long you’ve been practicing this form of BDSM, you can still benefit from the tips we’re about to give you. It’s …

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  • Tipf for when your orgasm is stuck - Bondage Bunnies

    Tips For When Your Orgasm Is Stuck During Sex

    This is an article for all the ladies out there. This happens far more than you’re willing to admit. You can make yourself have an orgasm while masturbating. The problem happens when you’re in bed with your partner. You actually feel stuck. You can’t cum and that’s a big problem. Nothing he does can bring …

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  • Tips for joining the BDSM community at events - Bondage Bunnies

    Tips for Joining the BDSM Community at Events

    You’ve already experienced BDSM on a local level. You may have found a few partners at kink sites and what not. You may have even taken part in a few classes. Yes, they do have BDSM classes for all kinds of different kinks. You already know this if you’re the type who’s heavily into BDSM. …

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  • Tips to have a one night stand - Bondage Bunnies

    Tips to have a one night stand

    A one night stand is something that almost every guy out there dreams about. No guy wants to turn that dream into a nightmare. That can happen if you don’t prepare yourself before the big event happens. It may seem like you can’t prepare yourself for something that just happens out of the blue. You …

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  • Tips on visiting a swingers club - Bondage Bunnies

    Tips on visiting a swingers club with your partner

    Swinging has been something you and your partner has been talking about lately. The next line of conversation is always the same thing. Those who are looking into swinging almost always go to a club. Sure, you can find swingers online and hook up with them that way. But, it’s not the same thing. Going …

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  • Things that happen in porn but not in real life - Bondage Bunnies

    Things that happen in porn but don’t happen in real life

    Porn videos aren’t based on reality. Too many people, mainly guys, think the world of porn is real. It isn’t. There’s nothing at all real about porn. Here, we’re going to talk about the things that you see in porn that really don’t exist. It’s important to keep things in perspective. If you don’t, then …

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  • Should you give up watching porn - Bondage Bunnies

    Should you give up watching porn?

    Porn has spread on the internet like wildfire. It’s amazing to think just how much porn is actually on the internet. From almost day one, people have searched for sex online. This has been both a bad and a good thing. We’re going to talk about the pros and cons of online pornography. We’ll start …

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  • Sex with food - Bondage Bunnies

    Sex with food – Tips and tricks

    Sex with food is one of those awkward things that many couples have a difficult time with. The biggest concern is about what food should be used and where should it go. Hopefully that won’t be a concern after you read this. Food can and should be a part of your sexual routine. You shouldn’t …

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