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  • Tips to stop vaginal dryness - Bondage Bunnies

    Tips to Stop Vaginal Dryness

    You’ve got a desert going on in between your legs. Sex isn’t fun for you or your partner. It’s dry as fuck down there. Solving this problem is a must. No one likes to have sex with a dry worn out leather glove. The good news is that you can fix this problem. You can …

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  • Sex with food - Bondage Bunnies

    Sex with food – Tips and tricks

    Sex with food is one of those awkward things that many couples have a difficult time with. The biggest concern is about what food should be used and where should it go. Hopefully that won’t be a concern after you read this. Food can and should be a part of your sexual routine. You shouldn’t …

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  • How to get back into sex after giving birth - Bondage Bunnies

    How to get back into sex after giving birth

    Sex after birth can be a very difficult thing. The reasons for it may not be the first things that come to mind. Childbirth is a big time event for both people. It should go without saying that it’s far more of a big event for the woman. This doesn’t mean she’s the only one …

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  • How to create the hottest BDSM encounter - Bondage Bunnies

    How to create the hottest BDSM encounter

    BDSM has many different twists and turns. It’s a very exciting fetish that can be highly enjoyable. However, it’s important that safety is always in the back of your mind. This isn’t a fetish that is fully understood at the beginning; every person who goes down this path has a lot to learn. There are …

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  • Ice in the Bedroom - Bondage Bunnies

    How to Play With Ice in the Bedroom

    Almost everyone reading this has ice cubes in their freezer. Most of you have probably never thought of them as a sexual aid. That’s all about to change once you read this article. Something as simple as an ice cube can have a profound impact on your love making. You’ll be amazed by the fact …

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  • Quiet Sex - Bondage Bunnies

    How to Have Quiet Sex

    Loud noisy sex isn’t always an option. You may have to keep things quiet while getting your groove on. It isn’t just because you don’t want to get caught by someone who may be sleeping in the other room. You may have neighbors to worry about or even kids. You know all too well what …

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  • Best Ways to initiate sex - Bondage Bunnies

    Best Ways to Initiate Sex With Your Partner

    This is a problem that women mostly have. Though, it’s not unheard of for a man not to know how to initiate sex. Quite a few people feel uncomfortable when it comes to sex. This is really terrible because sex is such a wonderful thing. You’ll need to get over this to have a good …

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  • Ballbusting: How To Do It Safely

    To some ball busting is an extreme fetish. While for others it’s a form of unbelievable pleasure. If you’re new to ball busting, it can seem very scary. You may even find yourself wincing at the idea. The extreme you go to will be dependant on how much pain you can endure. Keep in mind …

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  • Erotic electrostimulation for beginners

    The wonderful world of erotic electrostimulation can seem overwhelming at first, as is the case with anything new that uses odd devices. There are four key things to keep in mind when you’re trying electrostimulation for the first time. These four tips will ensure that you have the best time possible. Don’t worry about being …

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  • How to maintain a high sex drive when you’re older

    Men and women can both experience a lack of libido as they age. A slight decrease is normal and shouldn’t be too worrying. However, a significant reduction in the desire to have sex isn’t. There are many different factors as to why this could possibly be. Here we’re going to talk about the top four …

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