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  • Things that happen in porn but not in real life - Bondage Bunnies

    Things that happen in porn but don’t happen in real life

    Porn videos aren’t based on reality. Too many people, mainly guys, think the world of porn is real. It isn’t. There’s nothing at all real about porn. Here, we’re going to talk about the things that you see in porn that really don’t exist. It’s important to keep things in perspective. If you don’t, then …

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  • Should you give up watching porn - Bondage Bunnies

    Should you give up watching porn?

    Porn has spread on the internet like wildfire. It’s amazing to think just how much porn is actually on the internet. From almost day one, people have searched for sex online. This has been both a bad and a good thing. We’re going to talk about the pros and cons of online pornography. We’ll start …

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  • How often should we be having sex - Bondage Bunnies

    How often should we be having sex?

    How often should the average couple have sex? Oddly enough, there’s no real answer to that question. Most men reading this will think they probably don’t have enough sex. The average couple has sex somewhere between once a week and once a month. Yes, the average couple really has that little sex. If you’re getting …

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  • Writing sex story - Bondage Bunnies

    How to write a great sex story

    So, you want to write a sex story. You’ve never actually put pen to paper before. These days it’s more like fingers to keyboard. Regardless of the method of transcription, writing is still the same. A great sex story can be a thrilling piece of literature to read. Women tend to enjoy this sort of …

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  • New Partner - Bondage Bunnies

    How Long Should You Wait to Have Sex With a New Partner?

    How long should you wait before having sex with the new love of your life? There is no consensus when it comes to the actual length of time that you should wait. The one thing that is universally accepted that putting out on the first date rarely ends well. It sends all kinds of mixed …

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  • Fetishes - Bondage Bunnies

    6 Weird Fetishes You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

    Are you looking for a new fetish to live out your wildest sexual desires? Here are six that you probably have never heard of. Quite a few of them will leave you scratching your head. Don’t be surprised if at least one of them you’ve thought about before. Fetishes have an odd way of creeping …

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  • Ruffled sheets on bed - Bondage Bunnies

    4 Things That Give You a Low Sex Drive

    Have you or your partner experienced a lack of sex drive lately? If so, the reason for it might be right underneath your nose. Hopefully, this list will open up your eyes as to what the culprit may be. A lack of sex can easily ruin a relationship. This is the honest truth. Fix this …

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  • How Can I Discuss Polyamory With Partner

    Polyamory is something you’ve been thinking a lot about lately. If this describes you, then you’re probably a guy. You want to fuck more than one woman. There’s no need to sugar-coat this in the slightest. Now you want to see if your woman will tolerate it. There’s something special going on between the two …

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  • Cosplay Explained

    What exactly is cosplay? You’ve probably seen the term used all over the internet. Simply put, cosplay is costume play. It’s where someone dresses up as their favourite cartoon character. Any and every cartoon character has been done before by someone doing cosplay. Everyone is familiar with the sexy women who adorn these costumes. They …

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  • How to make your erection bigger

    Can you make your erections bigger? This is a question men have had since the dawn of time. Every guy out there wants a bigger dick. Even those guys in porn videos wish they had a bigger dick. When it comes to penis size, bigger is definitely better. At least it is in the mind …

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