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Sex Toys

Bondage Bunnies is one of the UK’s largest sex toys providers. We have a wide range of different toys for every possible occasion. We have basic toys, to the most inventive and stimulating. While the company is still quite new, we have over 3,000 different toys available and over 300 different rampant rabbits in particular, so we have one of the UK’s largest collection of toys. We are always happy to expand our collection, so if you think of any sex toys that are missing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

  • Bad Vibes Talking Vibrator

  • The Fist Realistic Dildo

  • The Hand Realistic Dildo

  • VacULock EZ Rider Ball With Realistic 6 Inch Dildo

  • VacULock EZ Rider Ball With Realistic 8 Inch Dildo

  • Mr Ed Horse Dildo

  • Mobys Dick Whale Dildo

  • Clifford

  • The HUGE 3 Bangs For Your Butt Dildo

  • Giga Dong

  • Foreskin Flippin Good Dildo

  • Fat Man Megadong Flesh Dildo

  • Matador 12 Inch Dong

  • Jolly Good Giant

  • Double Wide Gigadong

  • Headmaster Dildo

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